Melon Head

Day 6078937 of COVID-19

The wheels have come off. My son who hates attention told me to post this. He decided he wanted melon balls today, so he made some.

As he scraped the bottom of the rind, he turned to me with a grin and said “Mom, I will take a shower after, but…”

“You want to put that on your head, don’t you?”

Vigorous nodding from him.

“Ok, but do it outside”

Yep – we have reached the part of isolation where we are now playing with compost.

And in case you didn’t already know, I AM that mom. I genuinely enjoy this nonsense. LOL

#watermelon #melonhead #melonhelmet #myson #covid19 #thewheelshavecomeoff #nonsense #compost #weareallmadhere #butallthebestpeopleare #crazy #momlife #boymom #10yearsold #melonball #kidsinthekitchen #sillyboy #kalidesautelsreads #watermelons

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