Thank you, Canada for Socialized health care

Thinking of the health care workers, public health workers, grocery workers, and teachers who are leaving their families at home, and walking into the second wave of the pandemic. Thank you for everything that you are doing. Thank you for keeping the world moving forward. Thank you for keeping us safe. I want to also … Continue reading Thank you, Canada for Socialized health care

Saturdays at Home

Saturdays are for TARDIS onesies, Supernatural, coffee, Christmas trees, candles and cuddling with my kids. I do not take my privilege in this crazy time lightly -• I get to work from home• I can keep my kids home• I can afford to order my groceries and have them put directly into my trunk without … Continue reading Saturdays at Home

Transgender Day of Remembrance

You are remembered. You are valued. You are loved. Today is for you. Today is for remembering the light that you shone. Today is for meaningful and systemic change in your name. Today is pushing back on the hate and violence that led you here. Today is for shining a light on your beautiful souls. … Continue reading Transgender Day of Remembrance

It’s not perfect

Life isn’t perfect. Especially right now. COVID numbers are going up in my province. There was an exposure at my kids’ school that by the time I found out about it, it was too late to quarantine them. I spent more money in October than I should have, so in November I am feeling the … Continue reading It’s not perfect

A moment of quietude

My first Starbucks Christmas cup of the season! Sundays are the day of the week when beds get stripped, meals get prepped, laundry gets caught up, bathrooms get cleaned, carpets get vacuumed, nails get painted (it’s on my to do list every week to mitigate my nail biting habit), groceries get bought, lunches get made… … Continue reading A moment of quietude

Three Women ~ Lisa Taddeo (2019)

❤️❤️❤️❤️ Looking for a weekend read while we are sheltering in place again? I recommend this one - Three Women by Lisa Taddeo is like nothing I have read before. The result of eight years of immersive research, these are the true stories of three separate women, woven together into a book that reads like … Continue reading Three Women ~ Lisa Taddeo (2019)

Self-esteem building

It’s been about a month of trying to make myself look and feel presentable regardless of working from home. One of the biggest challenges has been to find a way to dress a much larger body than I have ever had before. Finding things that feel comfortable and also flatter a plus-sized body was hard … Continue reading Self-esteem building

COVID-19 is hard on them

He is growing so fast, but sometimes he still needs his mama. Last night, with the new lockdown regulations in place, he wanted or needed to cuddle with me. Hours past his bedtime, he managed to settle in to sleep, and you had better believe that I enjoyed every single second of his small, deep … Continue reading COVID-19 is hard on them

Handy Husband

Every so often Dave surprises me with something new around the house. This weekend, our garburator broke, my closet fell down, our dryer stopped working and our cat developed an ear infection. While picking up supplies to repair two of these, he remembered that I had mentioned a desire for some mason jar shelving in … Continue reading Handy Husband

Hi. Remember me?

Hi. Remember me? Remember that tightness in your chest? Right below your collarbone? The one that makes you feel like a baby elephant is sitting on you? The one that whispers from deep inside that you are just not good enough? The one the takes all of the stuff that scares you and lays it … Continue reading Hi. Remember me?