It’s A Blustery Day The rain, rain, rainCame down, down, downIn rushing, rising riv'lets'Til the river crept out of its bedAnd crept right into Piglet's Poor Piglet, he was frightenedWith quite a rightful frightAnd so in desperation, a message he did writeHe placed it in a bottle and it floated out of sight And the rain, rain, rainCame … Continue reading It’s A Blustery Day


One Day, But Not Yet

One day I will miss posies picked by little hands, and loving placed in empty salt jars. One day I will receive my last bundle of dandelions or wildflowers given with as much love, if not more, than any gloriously packaged bouquet. One day I will miss cuddles from my babies where I can breathe … Continue reading One Day, But Not Yet

Thank You, Porch Fairies

In my city there has been a rash of magical fairies and generous ninjas! If there is anything that the world wide pandemic has shown is the kindness of humanity. Between family bringing food to those who are high risk, to messages of hope, to this newest trend - neighbours secretly dropping off care packages … Continue reading Thank You, Porch Fairies

And Then Someone Nominated THIS Blog!!!!!!!

OH. MY. GOODNESS!!!! What is actually happening right now??? I CANNOT believe that my blog has been NOMINATED for Vancouver Mom’s Top 30 Mom Bloggers in Vancouver, with all these amazing ladies!!! Seriously!!! How is this my life??? I am so beyond honoured!!! To check out mine and all the stories of the other mamas … Continue reading And Then Someone Nominated THIS Blog!!!!!!!

Testing Out VTMN Packs My handfuls of meds and supplements just got a LOT more straightforward thanks to VTMN Packs. Designed with my needs in mind, sorted for morning and night, and delivered straight to my door! For a Spoonie who suffers from fibro fog on the regular, this takes a lot of guesswork out of what to … Continue reading Testing Out VTMN Packs

Happy Mother’s Day 2020

Happy Mother’s Day, mommy. I’m glad you’re mine. I’m glad that we like the same crazy music. I’m glad that we laugh at the same jokes. I’m glad that we can pick the same dress from opposing racks across the store and ask each other what the other thinks of it. I’m glad that you … Continue reading Happy Mother’s Day 2020

Harbingers of Fibromyalgia Doom

Fibro Flare Friday You know that feeling when you first start to feel sick and your body just starts to shut down on you? Your head starts to pound, your throats hurts, your ears ring and your whole body aches? You feel like if you don’t find a pillow and a flat surface in the … Continue reading Harbingers of Fibromyalgia Doom

It’s Ok to be Worried

We are into May. How this happened, I have no idea. It’s funny because even when we stand still, time keeps moving forward. The dead branches of the winter trees have already seen blooms and are changing to leaves. The grass is greener, the air is warmer. The curve is flattening in my part of … Continue reading It’s Ok to be Worried

How To Have Fun The kids are following their auntie Bren’s lead by having a year of special holidays in one month. Today is Daddy’s “birthday”, so the kids were taking their dad to a “live” football match in the living room. There was a good deal of net repair, but the enthusiasm and Daddy’s smile was undeniable. … Continue reading How To Have Fun

The Barenaked Ladies and the Canadian Cancer Society – COVID-19 Emergency Fund

See how you can help Canadians living with cancer during COVID-19 through the CCS COVID-19 Emergency fund How is this my life???? I am so lucky it’s not even funny!! I will be fangirling over this for weeks. If you know me, you know that the Barenaked Ladies are my favourite band. Trendy bands come … Continue reading The Barenaked Ladies and the Canadian Cancer Society – COVID-19 Emergency Fund