#DoTheWork Challenge Day 6

DoTheWork Challenge Day 6 – continuing Rachel Cargle’s course on unlearning racism.

“How can we adequately love, support and uplift those we do not understand. Allyship begins with empathy. The racism in this country thrives off of “otherness”. It persists with the understanding that when marginalized groups are seen as ‘someone else’ or ‘someone different’ there is an undercurrent of dehumanization which acts as fertile soil for racism’s roots. How much of your life makes people of color the ‘others’ and not valuable parts of your existence?

“Are people of color represented in the following areas of your life:
On your bookshelf – read more people of color
On your social media platforms – fill your timelines with more people of color
On your podcast list – listen to more people of color
On your screens- watch more stories crafted by people of color” – Rachel Cargle

Support Rachel Cargle Here

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