Sitting out Black Friday

Why am I skipping Black Friday? I have all the major electronics that I need 3 out of 4 of us have more clothes than we can possibly wear the temptation to spend more money than is in my budget will take me away from my more important savings goals shopping addiction is real and … Continue reading Sitting out Black Friday

how lucky I am

“How lucky I am having something that makes saying goodbye so hard.” ~ AA Milne - Winnie the Pooh I will miss you forever. #griefquotes #grieving #winniethepoohquotes #cancersucks🎗 #worldpancreaticcancerday #pancreaticcancer #fuckcancer👊 #soulmama #loss

Happy Holidays

Today we trimmed some trees and spent time with our favourite little elf. She was very interested in the lights, and her big cousin. I am feeling very festive now! 🎄 #babysfirstchristmas #happyholidays2022 #christmas2022 #trimthetree #wrapthepresents #lights #christmaslights #holidaycheer #cousinlove❤️

Sadie Roo

Plain old run of the mill cold

It’s been a while since I posted about living with chronic illness and chronic pain. Today, I have a plain old run of the mill cold. This seems like no big deal during cold and flu season but due to an invisible illness called ankylosing spondylitis I am on an immunosuppressant medication that takes my … Continue reading Plain old run of the mill cold

Happy Halloween 2022

Happy Halloween 2022 I am so grateful to have spent the last 2 days doin g Halloween things with family and friends, especially my adorable Princess Leia and my sweet little carrot! Even Sadie was in on the fun! For those who don’t know, we love Supernatural in this house, and there was a Supernatural … Continue reading Happy Halloween 2022

National Dog Day

Happy Dog Day to my little love. I honestly did not ever see myself being a dog mom, yet here we are and I wouldn’t trade my little love bug for anything in the world. #nationaldogday #dogday #puppylove #rescuepuppy

I don’t know

I used to be a more prolific social media poster. I would write posts and book reviews and share things and repost things sometimes dozens of times a day. I worked really hard at it and was proud of myself when I produced something that resonated or was well written. I would stay up until … Continue reading I don’t know

Happy birthday, Aly

Sometimes I just need some water and a friend to soothe my soul. This week I went on my first kayaking adventure to celebrate my friend’s birthday. I was slower than molasses in January but I didn’t tip or fall in and the water was beautifully still. #hayward #haywardlake #bchydroreservoir #bchydro #kayaking #waterplease #waterismyelement #firsttimeforeverything … Continue reading Happy birthday, Aly

Non-Binary Awareness Week

Posted @withregram • @lgbtqwellness Celebrating and learning from our nonbinary siblings this week, and beyond! REPOST • @kellysmall Hey, it’s nonbinary awareness week! Please share this, learn more, and uplift nonbinary and gender expansive folks this week and every week. ✨ Nonbinary genders have always existed✨ 1.4 million nonbinary people in NA✨ they/them pronouns or … Continue reading Non-Binary Awareness Week