Is it even possible?

I released my first book this month. I was a contributing author in a book that is now a #1 bestseller on Amazon. I completed a long-running task at work. My blog was nominated for an award. Traffic has more than doubled to the site. My kids are home. My husband is working again and … Continue reading Is it even possible?


#FBF – Trying to keep my flu to myself

Back when wearing a mask in public was weird


#FBF — to Sunday Dinner where I tried to keep my flu to myself – I made my best effort, but Dave and our boy caught it anyway!


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We need to burn it down to build it back up.


Why we must dismantle racist systems.

Image of Shaun King not mine – from

I am tired. I really wanted to take a break, and write some fluffy fiction, then watch an episode of Supernatural while I ate my frozen cherries and coconut chunks (trust me, if you are in a hot climate, it is worth a try). I was set to just settle in and be utterly useless for an hour or two, but then? Then I noticed something that stopped me in my tracks, and got my blood pumping with anger and frustration and disappointment in the utter stupidity of people.

I am one of the lucky beta testers of a new app called Journal that allows users to save and organize anything from any site, or app, or even just out of our brains. It is pretty great, and I will certainly be mentioning it again…

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Once Upon a Time…


Once upon a time, there was a young white-presenting Métis girl. She shared a birthday with Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., and felt strongly that if the Civil Rights movement of the 1960s happened now, she would have been just like Viola Liuzzo – a young white face marching the Edmund Pettus Bridge with Dr. King, the SCLC, and the SNCC kids.

This young white-presenting Métis girl did not know enough to understand that 5 hours after the March on Montgomery, Viola Liuzzo would be murdered by members of the Ku Klux Klan after driving marchers to the airport.

This young white-presenting Métis girl was naive to the fact that she did not, in fact, live in a “post-racial” world. She had the privilege of not facing this.

As this young white-presenting Métis girl grew up, she harboured the sincere belief that since African-Americans (as she understood meant all black…

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Reblog – There Is No Such Thing as a “White Ally.”


By Catherine Pugh, Esq.

This post is not mine, I am sharing it because I believe strongly in Ms. Pugh’s message, and this is a way to reblog it across all of the platforms that I have to my name.

Please understand that this is me working to clean up my portion of my mess. Please read this, please sit with it, please digest it, please act on your par of our mess.

There Is No Such Thing as a “White Ally.”

Catherine Pugh, Esq.FollowingJun 15·16min read

Racism is not mine, it is yours, and what you do is not called “help” when it is your mess we are cleaning.

I never use the term “White Ally” when I talk with family and friends. That’s because I detest it. Echoes a little ‘twang’ of dissonance every time it comes my way. My animus is not about…

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Indigenous Peoples For BlackLivesMatter

I am so proud that this book is a #1 Bestseller on Amazon! This means that we are succeeding in raising money for BlackLivesMatter!


I am so excited to have had one of my works selected for this amazing project! Thank you, Bren, for your necessary edits and help and letting me know about this!!

This EagleSpeaker Publication is a fundraiser for #BlackLivesMatter and for support to Indigenous People’s in Canada.

An anthology of works and thoughts by Canadian Indigenous writers, poets and artists, Indigenous People for BlackLivesMatter is a beautiful and raw book.

Please, please check it out!

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Shop Here

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“White People Have Been Looting Black Bodies Forever.” Trevor Noah’s Monologue Makes the Point White People Need To Hear.


“White people tear up the contract every single day. Black bodies are looted every single day.”

If you are shaking your head over the anger and violence happening in Minneapolis today, watch this video. Ask yourself how it feels to have violence perpetrated against your every single minute that you breathe just because it can be done, and there will be no consequence.

I implore you to stop throwing your understanding of peaceful protest at every situation and remember the Dr. King was a radical. The suffragettes were radicals. Even the goddamn right wing tea party people burned Obama in effigy.

If peaceful taking a knee doesn’t make enough noise, that person is going to stand back up and escalate. Because we have escalated against black bodies, indigenous bodies, Asian bodies, brown bodies, female bodies, LGBTQ2S+ bodies for so long. Eventually, eventually the escalation comes back on us, and we…

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May You Live All The Days of Your Life ~ Jonathan Swift

#Swift #Sunday!


As always, taking a quote out of context means that we are imposing upon it our reading of just those words, without any understanding of what the overlying meaning is.

So, I have decided to include the entire letter by Jonathan Swift, so that you might understand fully what he wrote, in his falsely yours letter.




My dear,

If I could wish upon you one thing it would be this:

May you not dwell in the past. Whatever the past was, it’s gone. Whether the past was dastardly awful or outrageously wonderful, it is gone. Leave it behind.

May you not dwell in the future. Thinking of that which you shall do. Because, before you realize it, you shan’t. The problem with dwelling in the future is that it’s perfect. Terribly so! In the future you’re happy, beautiful, in love, famous, rich, and successful… somehow. And it…

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Summer Savings with Four Sigmatic Mushroom Coffee

Today is a great day to smash the patriarchy! Join me for a Four Sigmatic Mushroom Coffee! No, it does not taste like mushroom. It’s a super delicious coffee that provides alertness and extra focus from the lions mane and chaga mushroom powder. Until June 28th, you can receive up to 50% off any purchase … Continue reading Summer Savings with Four Sigmatic Mushroom Coffee

Unpacking Privilege

#FBF Why I Am No Longer Talking About Race To White People by Reni Eddo-Lodge


The only way to unpack my white privilege is to gain perspective from people of colour who suffer because of it. Social equity starts with looking in the mirror and acknowledging our contribution to inequity. As a white, cisgender, heteronormative, Western/Anglo-Christian Feminist, it is my duty to pull back these veils and to fight for intersectionality. I encourage everyone to do the same. @renieddolodge #whyimnolongertalkingtowhitepeopleaboutrace #whiteprivilege #privilege #intersectionalfeminism #intersectionality #intersectional #feminism #feminist #blacklivesmatter #equity #social #justice #travelreading #read #reading #book #bookstagram #bookstagrammer #bookworm #bookish #kalidesautelsreads #followback #follow #discussion

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