Reblog – There Is No Such Thing as a “White Ally.”


By Catherine Pugh, Esq.

This post is not mine, I am sharing it because I believe strongly in Ms. Pugh’s message, and this is a way to reblog it across all of the platforms that I have to my name.

Please understand that this is me working to clean up my portion of my mess. Please read this, please sit with it, please digest it, please act on your par of our mess.

There Is No Such Thing as a “White Ally.”

Catherine Pugh, Esq.FollowingJun 15·16min read

Racism is not mine, it is yours, and what you do is not called “help” when it is your mess we are cleaning.

I never use the term “White Ally” when I talk with family and friends. That’s because I detest it. Echoes a little ‘twang’ of dissonance every time it comes my way. My animus is not about…

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