We need to burn it down to build it back up.


Why we must dismantle racist systems.

Image of Shaun King not mine – from https://medium.com/@ShaunKing/shaun-king-a-private-law-enforcement-group-on-facebook-is-literally-plotting-to-kill-me-f1e916c90bf8

I am tired. I really wanted to take a break, and write some fluffy fiction, then watch an episode of Supernatural while I ate my frozen cherries and coconut chunks (trust me, if you are in a hot climate, it is worth a try). I was set to just settle in and be utterly useless for an hour or two, but then? Then I noticed something that stopped me in my tracks, and got my blood pumping with anger and frustration and disappointment in the utter stupidity of people.

I am one of the lucky beta testers of a new app called Journal that allows users to save and organize anything from any site, or app, or even just out of our brains. It is pretty great, and I will certainly be mentioning it again…

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