“White People Have Been Looting Black Bodies Forever.” Trevor Noah’s Monologue Makes the Point White People Need To Hear.


“White people tear up the contract every single day. Black bodies are looted every single day.”

If you are shaking your head over the anger and violence happening in Minneapolis today, watch this video. Ask yourself how it feels to have violence perpetrated against your every single minute that you breathe just because it can be done, and there will be no consequence.

I implore you to stop throwing your understanding of peaceful protest at every situation and remember the Dr. King was a radical. The suffragettes were radicals. Even the goddamn right wing tea party people burned Obama in effigy.

If peaceful taking a knee doesn’t make enough noise, that person is going to stand back up and escalate. Because we have escalated against black bodies, indigenous bodies, Asian bodies, brown bodies, female bodies, LGBTQ2S+ bodies for so long. Eventually, eventually the escalation comes back on us, and we…

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