Mother’s Day Thoughts

It's Mother's Day in Canada today. I spent the day with and celebrating some incredible women, both moms and maternal surrogates (non-moms who project the maternal instinct of love to their friends and families). While I celebrated, I was also thinking about how crazy motherhood is. I read a lot... I know, it's a shock, … Continue reading Mother’s Day Thoughts


Bestie Love

This woman is amazing. I lucked out when I moved in next door to her. Not only is she my neighbour, but she is my bff. The first time she saved my life was when we first moved in and I set fire to my gazebo with my BBQ. 10 years later, she continues to … Continue reading Bestie Love

Gen’s Lit List – book 2

The 2nd book from #GensLitList - following @estherperelofficial’s fascinating #matingincaptivity. Sex Positivity is not something I have ever been great at. Most of my life was an unending march to be a “Good Girl”... and I have to say, even admitting that I am reading this book, recommended by @nowandgen is making me blush. But … Continue reading Gen’s Lit List – book 2

My Kid Is Awesome: a not-so-humble proud mama moment

I have a 10 year old daughter. She is everything that I could have ever hoped for in a little girl - she is silly, affectionate, funny, shy, dramatic, brave, beautiful, amazing. But the attribute that I find the most incredible is her empathy. Don't misunderstand - she can be just as selfish, and self-absorbed … Continue reading My Kid Is Awesome: a not-so-humble proud mama moment

Reading The Youngest Marcher

My not-so-little girl reading #TheYoungestMarcher about the American Civil Rights movement in Birmingham, Alabama, to her great grandmother. This book is a wonderful way to introduce kids to the importance of human and civil rights, along with the brave people who disrupted the status quo to fight for the rights. The story of a 9 … Continue reading Reading The Youngest Marcher