Introducing My New Friend Fear

Hey - have you met my new friend? This is Fear. He's going to be shadowing me for a while. I don't really know how long he plans to hang around, but the current estimate is about 8-12 months. Sometime last year, really in the Fall I guess, is when he decided to start hanging … Continue reading Introducing My New Friend Fear



Do I look tired? I feel tired. I feel tired all the way to my bones, and further still, if there was a further. Today, Saturday, should be a day of fun. It should dance and rockwall and going out with my friends. It should be laughter and fun and time with my husband. But … Continue reading Exhaustion

Falling Down The Rabbit Hole – Cancer Arrives

"Your husband has rectal cancer." The surgeon said this in the calmest, most matter of fact way. There was nothing harsh or careless about it. Just a fact. This has to be a bizarre joke, I thought, as I quickly looked to Dave. Dave was not smiling, but rather nodding ruefully. My face arranged itself … Continue reading Falling Down The Rabbit Hole – Cancer Arrives