I can’t just fall apart all the time

“Life is what happens when we are busy making other plans” ~ John Lennon Over the past couple of weeks, life jumped up and smacked me in the face hard, not the least of which has been my raggedy old man getting very sick, which at 16 is not a good look for a cat. … Continue reading I can’t just fall apart all the time


It’s Not Everyday Yer Young Man Turns 11

“It’s not everyday yer young man turns 11!” My boy. My baby. My little man. My cuddle bug. My sarcastic, sardonic funny kiddo. You are eleven years old now. Old enough for your letter from Hogwarts, old enough to qualify as a preteen, but not too old to still curl up on my lap and … Continue reading It’s Not Everyday Yer Young Man Turns 11

Happy Birthday, B!

Happy birthday, B! How can you be 14??? One minute you were a small baby asking your uncles to toss you high into the air, and now you are into your second year as a teen!! I love you, and your great smile, and you clever sense of humour, and your big, tight hugs. I … Continue reading Happy Birthday, B!

I am

I am a carer. I am a lover. I am an empathizer. I am a sympathizer. I am a worrier. I am a heart that breaks for others. I am sensitive. I am a ball of fear. I am concealing, and yet feeling. I am an over thinker. I am a stress maker. I am … Continue reading I am

Happy birthday, Katie-Kat

Happy birthday, Katie-Kat. Sometimes it feels like I have known you forever, and then I remember that it was only about 6 years ago that you intimidated the heck out of me in the deli, with your confident strides and bright blue eyes that made me feel like I was a moron for confusing roast … Continue reading Happy birthday, Katie-Kat

Thank you, Christy 💛

I am so grateful for the surprise daffodils from my sweet bestie 💛💛💛 This touch of spring in my bedroom has made my day and gave me a much needed smile 💛😍 In addition to being so beautiful, as our organization’s (Canadian Cancer Society) symbol, they are a fantastic reminder that World Cancer Day is … Continue reading Thank you, Christy 💛

I miss you, Charlie

I miss you And however much I miss you, I know your mom and dad miss you infinitely more Thank you for being my unpaid therapy dog Thank you for whining at me and tricking me into giving you more food Thank you for puppy kisses Thank you for being a good dog ❤️ #beaglestagram … Continue reading I miss you, Charlie

Four Sigmatic Calm

How to put the end to a hard day? How about a nice mix of Four Sigmatic Mushroom Chai Latte, mixed with a packet of Mushroom Elixir Mix with Chaga? Today wasn’t the best - my kids both have their typical February colds, and I had a therapy session that was both good and hard. … Continue reading Four Sigmatic Calm