I’m sick – let’s watch Pandemic on Netflix

I posted a bit about my current mental state in my blog early this morning (late last night?) - if you are curious, follow the link in my profile. When you are feeling depressed and overwhelmed, your immune system suffers. So, I had a flu a couple of weeks ago... now I have a sinus … Continue reading I’m sick – let’s watch Pandemic on Netflix



Today, I cried. I cried yesterday. I cried the day before that. In the past week, I have cried at least once a day. No particular reasons, just mid-thought, mid-text, mid-song, mid-sentence my eyes prickle, as the tears form, my throat thickens and feels tight, and I cry. Today, I was tired. I was tired … Continue reading Today.

You’re Welcome

Oh hey! Another picture of my cat that you didn’t know you needed to see! What can I say, except you’re welcome? #timon #blackcatlove #blackcatsofinstagram #raggedymangoodnight #raggedyman #disneycats #myboy #furbabylove #maui #moanareference #moana #yourewelcome #whatcanisay #lovemycat #kalidesautelsreads

Bell Let’s Talk 2020

Today is one of my favourite days to celebrate - #bellletstalk day. A day when people do not feel ashamed to talk about mental illness, and a day when you can raise money for mental wellness simply by using social media or texting as you normally would. In any given year, 1 in 5 Canadians … Continue reading Bell Let’s Talk 2020

Spoon Theory

I am all about the sassy, funny, silly, snarky mugs. I love deciding what mood I’m in when I make a coffee or tea, but sometimes it’s about what mood I WISH I was in. When I feel worn out, sometimes a mug reminding me to smile or be happy or do my best is … Continue reading Spoon Theory

Sunday Is For…

Sunday is for tea, and friends, and pjs, and all the things to get ready for the week. Sunday is for my daughter taking over my kitchen doing her baking practice, Michelle, my babies, yoga, soundbaths, nail polish, and cuddles. Sundays are for EARLY morning walks, coffee, horses, and bubble tea. Sundays are for whatever … Continue reading Sunday Is For…

100 Days To Slay

Day 26 - 100 days to slay - a short, walk that ended in a downpour and horses at the midway point!!! Now I need a nap ❤️ #100daystoslay #friends #walking #slowwalk #yepimassleepyasilook #rainydays #workout #sweatyselfie #sweatygirls #health2020 #kalidesautelsreads #nerdygirls

Never Mistake Kindness For Weakness

You know how people think that cats are smarter than dogs? Because cats are so standoffish, and dogs are so affectionate? According to recent studies, dogs have more than double the cerebral cortexes than cats, indicating that dogs could actually be twice as smart as cats. So why do we assume cats are smarter? Because … Continue reading Never Mistake Kindness For Weakness

The Dolly Parton Challenge

When Dolly Parton develops an Instagram trend, you say “yes, ma’am” and jump right in. #dollypartonchallenge #linkedin #facebook #instagram #tindermemes #selfiesfordays #selfie #silly #thursdayvibes #goofballs #instagramismyfavourite #kalidesautelsreads #memes #trending #challengeaccepted #justforfun

I Smell Snow

It doesn’t snow in Vancouver very often, but when it does, it is magical. The blanket of white; the sparkling flakes; the silence; the rosy cheeks. When I was little, my parents would wake me up in the middle of the night when it would snow, so that I wouldn’t miss the magic, just in … Continue reading I Smell Snow