Spoon Theory

I am all about the sassy, funny, silly, snarky mugs. I love deciding what mood I’m in when I make a coffee or tea, but sometimes it’s about what mood I WISH I was in. When I feel worn out, sometimes a mug reminding me to smile or be happy or do my best is exactly what I need to give myself a bit of a boost.

Other times, like today, they kind of annoy me – like You Did Not Wake Up To Ave Mediocre. Today, I felt like telling my mug “maybe I damn all DID wake up to be mediocre today! You don’t know me, mug. Back off.” Is that perhaps an extreme reaction? Possibly. Did it make me feel better? Abso-flipping-lutely.

In the Spoonie community, we work to be as productive as possible, with our limited energy (spoons), so if today you feel like you did wake up to be mediocre, or you feel like A is for Asleep, own that. You do not have to strive every minute of every day. Sometimes you can push yourself, and sometimes you can push the covers back and crawl back into bed. It’s balance.

Actually? No, it’s not. I’m beginning to think balance is another load of BS that we are fed in order to think if we just figured out an ideal formula we would all be superheroes, and would fit all the 96 million things we have to do in a day into one 24 hour period. I do not think there is a magic equation. I don’t really think there is such thing as balance. Just people doing their best, or 50% of their best depending on the day. In order to do all the things, we prioritize, and when we prioritize, something has to fall away. So, use the spoons you have, be awesome, or mediocre, and feel ok about what you need.

*steps down from soap box*

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