Finding The Quiet Moments

One of the things I love about my job is that it can be remote, and I can work from home regularly, so the switch to COVID-19 working from home didn’t feel like a huge change. The biggest challenge is that usually I have a very quiet house for 6 of the 8 hours while … Continue reading Finding The Quiet Moments


Day I-Can’t-Remember-Which – the COVID Saga Continues

I like social media. A lot. I feel like it was created for introverts like me - just extroverted enough to want to say things that make people laugh, but over all, desperate for quiet space. I like to read what my friends are doing. I like to see pictures of their pets and kids. … Continue reading Day I-Can’t-Remember-Which – the COVID Saga Continues

Stay At Homework

Quarantine homework from @thewitcheryworldofbrenna is taken very seriously here. The first 4 chapters of Harry Potter and The Philosopher’s Stone to be read by Wednesday. Thank you for teaching them!!! So we are sitting in our self-isolation, he is reading his book, in his Batman onesie, on my Doctor Who pillow, which is leaning against … Continue reading Stay At Homework

Day 7ish – The Teacher is Fed Up

Dear COVID-19 Quarantiners, In Canada, some of you may or may not know, that our Prime Minister used to be a middle and high school teacher. So, as much as he is a politician, he is also a teacher. And today? Today, the teacher was FED UP! In his daily press conference, he reached a … Continue reading Day 7ish – The Teacher is Fed Up

Stretchy Girl So when I tell myself I have to stay home, it sort of sucks. But when I say I get to stay home with these monkeys, it feels more like a luxury. This one wanted more tiktok time, and I wanted her to get some movement. She figured out how to do both lol! … Continue reading Stretchy Girl

Chia Pudding and Gratitude

Want to know a secret? I am not the healthiest person alive! I am also not the least healthy person alive. I do have a compromised immune system and right now a stress cold. And I ran out of fresh fruit. My brother and sister-in-law work hard on their health and have been acting as … Continue reading Chia Pudding and Gratitude

Day 6 – It’s Okay That You Are Not Fine

It’s ok that you’re not fine. No one expects you to be. No one expects anything right now, and that’s okay, too. How can you expect something that is amorphous? You are probably in your home worrying about your family and friends. You are concerned that you coughed today. Is it dry weather? Allergies? Dust? … Continue reading Day 6 – It’s Okay That You Are Not Fine

Feeling Loved

When you wake up and find a cheerful reminder that right now, we may not be able to spend time together, but we can still enjoy our memories and love each from afar.Thank you for making me cry in a good way! I love you, @mj_ravenpuff and @mousykat90 ❤️ I am so grateful! #thebestmemories #besties … Continue reading Feeling Loved

Day 5 – My Heart Is Breaking A Little Bit

Today was a hard day. Not that it was any worse than any other COVID-19 day, not really, but it felt harder. Every conversation felt fraught. Every decision had to be measured. Every choice felt wrong. For two days I have felt a tightening in my chest, and not in the “I had better get … Continue reading Day 5 – My Heart Is Breaking A Little Bit

Day 2 – St Patrick’s Day Don’ts during COVID-19

It’s St Patrick’s Day. I’m usually all over making either an everything green, or a traditional Irish dinner every year. No, we’re not Irish, as far as I know, but I am all over a celebration that talks about luck and blessings. Plus, in my understanding he chased all the snakes out of Ireland! (Allegory, … Continue reading Day 2 – St Patrick’s Day Don’ts during COVID-19