Self Care is Not a Luxury

Sometimes stress manifests for me as a headache and a sore throat. Which then makes me worried that I am sick or have developed COVID (because yes, a double vaccinated person can still get COVID. Inoculation does not mean invincible). So tonight Ms Sadie and I are early to bed, listening to Burton Cummings, and … Continue reading Self Care is Not a Luxury


Beware of Dog Kisses

Beware of Dog Kisses - Sadie Rose loves to give kisses, and generally likes most people. A beware of dog sign seemed a bit too aggressive for our girl, but the kisses? That is pretty important for people to beware of. (PS - this was another shop local item - also purchased from The Gardening … Continue reading Beware of Dog Kisses

On this spot in 1832, nothing happened

My husband and I love history. We also love snarky thing and sarcasm, so when I found this plaque at @the_gardening_circle in Fort Langley, I felt like it was perfect for our front porch decor, and bought it as a shared 15th wedding anniversary gift. So now when I sit outside with my pets, my … Continue reading On this spot in 1832, nothing happened

Hiding in my weekend read

Over the years, the Helter Skelter theory raised by Vincent Bugliosi at the Manson trial has largely been debunked. That does not mean that Manson or the Family didn’t commit the atrocious crimes for which they were imprisoned, nor does it mean they should not have been sentenced with the harsh penalties levelled at them. … Continue reading Hiding in my weekend read

What I’m reading today

First Day of School

It’s the first day of school for Ms Sadie Rose! We started obedience training, but I’m not gonna lie - this is for me to learn how to be a good dog mom. I have never had a puppy and I have no idea what I am doing. Today we learned focus, touch, sit, stand … Continue reading First Day of School


It has been 6 months since I started feeling the overwhelming sick of another deep depression. It has been 4 months since I started feeling so sick and began the investigation into yet another series of chronic illness symptoms. It has been 2 months since I had my first exploratory procedure and minor surgery. It … Continue reading Please.


The point of this post? Nothing. Just loving my new hoodie from @oyfmapleridge @oxygenyogaandfitness and my messy bun being ever so slightly cuter than usual. Happy Sunday! I’m going to run errands in the rain (YAY!!!) PS that’s not facetious - I am so happy it is raining that I am literally checking the window … Continue reading Nothing

Fibro Flare Friday – Summer Edition

Got my sweat on today! Who needs a 10K run or actual fitness activities when you can have a Fibro Flare Friday during 60% humidity and the need to tidy up your office?? Me. The answer is me! I need those things so that tidying my office doesn’t make me feel like I just jumped … Continue reading Fibro Flare Friday – Summer Edition