Hiding in my weekend read

Over the years, the Helter Skelter theory raised by Vincent Bugliosi at the Manson trial has largely been debunked. That does not mean that Manson or the Family didn’t commit the atrocious crimes for which they were imprisoned, nor does it mean they should not have been sentenced with the harsh penalties levelled at them. The Tate-LaBianca murders were horrendous and I am not sad that Charles Manson spent the last decades of his life locked up.

That said, Bugliosi’s book is a True Crime classic, and for that reason, it is my read for this weekend. The world is so inexplicably awful at the moment that I quite literally am trying to lose myself in the 664 pages of vintage dime store horror for 2 days.

What are you reading this weekend?

Are you escaping the trauma of the Afghan horror, or are you making the effort to be an ally to those in extreme danger by watching, reading and volunteering in an effort to help those in dire need of escaping the Taliban regime?

Are you reading up on the Indigenous plight in Canada in advance of our first ever Indigenous directed National stat holiday on Sept 30?

I would like to say that I am being a good ally and showing up for my fellow global citizens, but this weekend, I am not. I am escaping back to August 9, 1969, where I know the outcome and can predict that the bad guys will get caught and go to jail.

Unlike what is happening today, I have 42 years of spoilers that will allow me to sleep at night.

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