Bestie Love

This woman is amazing. I lucked out when I moved in next door to her. Not only is she my neighbour, but she is my bff. The first time she saved my life was when we first moved in and I set fire to my gazebo with my BBQ. 10 years later, she continues to save my life over and over – be it dropping what she is doing to rescue my kids when traffic or work gets in the way of getting to a sick little or a closing daycare centre, or long walks and talks through the neighbourhood about anything. This is the woman who continues to sit with me when I fall asleep during a movie night, who pours her heart out, and to whom I can in return, the woman who stands in as a mommy to my kids when I can’t be there for a mid school day concert. Happy Mother’s Day to the woman I am so grateful to call my beloved, beautiful, amazing best friend. ❤️❤️❤️

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