Sometimes I wear makeup and my favourite colour sweater. Sometimes I wear my TARDIS onesie and don’t change out of it for 3 days. Sometimes I write meaningful, thoughtful, thought-provoking things. Sometimes I can’t string two words together in a coherent manner. Sometimes I make shrimp salad rolls for supper. Sometimes I defrost a frozen pizza. Sometimes I suggest that my kids have a bowl of cereal. Sometimes I share my life on my blog. Sometimes I pretend that I never even started that nonsense. Sometimes I have writing pieces picked up and published. Sometimes I send pieces out and hear nothing but crickets. Sometimes I have so much energy that I feel like I could take up running again, do yoga 3 times a day, write a new book, and become the best friend a person could hope to have. Sometimes I can’t bring myself to climb out of bed and replying to a text message feels so overwhelming that I can’t handle it.

And sometimes these things all collide and I am a little bit of everything all at once. Because sometimes life is messy and life is hard and life is great and life is paralyzing and life is freeing and life is beautiful. All at once.

life #sometimes #everythingatonce #doctorwho #tardis #onesies #pink #bipolar2 #lifeismessy #spooniesupport #chronicillnessawareness #chronicpainawareness #flareup #selfiesundays #sundaythoughts #yvr #vancouver #pinksweater #canadian #somedays #sometime

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