This is my dream

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You know that dream that you hold in your heart but aren’t sure will ever come true? Here‘s mine.

I am 37 years old and I published my first book. I know that I still have a lot of life left before me, but I began to think maybe I had missed my chance and that my scattered nature and intense anxiety would leave me feeling regretful that this dream would never be more than that.

I thought I had missed my chance and that I would be able to see this through.

But then I thought – why? Why can’t you see this through? What is stopping you? What are the physical barriers to you doing this?

I didn’t have a good answer, other than me. I was standing in my way. I was keeping myself from doing what I wanted to do. I was the one who dreamed it, so why was I waiting around for someone to come make it true? No one else cares whether they see my name printed on the spine of a book. No one else cares if I write a book that people can actually hold and read. No one else was going to sit down and tell me how or what to do.

Only I could do that.

So I did.

P.S. the mug on the cover is by @onecraftykeeper purchased locally at @townandcountryvintagehome

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