Happy Mother’s Day 2020

Happy Mother’s Day, mommy.

I’m glad you’re mine.

I’m glad that we like the same crazy music.

I’m glad that we laugh at the same jokes.

I’m glad that we can pick the same dress from opposing racks across the store and ask each other what the other thinks of it.

I’m glad that you encouraged me to read.

I’m glad that you taught me to be unashamed of my weirdness and quirks (even if we never used the word weird growing up).

I’m glad that you gave me the best brother and sister a woman could want.

I’m glad that you taught me about Pollyanna and the Glad Game.

I’m glad that you have Mac and Cheese.

I’m glad you have infinite patience to sit on FaceTime with my kid all day.

I’m glad you like magical Disney things.

But most of all, I am really, really, really glad that you are my mom.

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