Ineffective Recharging

Happy Wednesday! Is anyone else feeling a bit like this charging station right now? Without much hope of recharging after a loooong January?

It’s crazy how we can put so much effort into our new year’s resolutions that we forget that one of them was to take more time to rest and recharge. If you are going full out right now, and can’t seem to find a place to recharge your batteries, may I suggest that tonight is a good night to take a few minutes (or hours) to yourself? Take a bath. Read a book. Watch 6 episodes of something on Netflix, or Frozen for the 90th time on Disney+. Bake a cake. Drink a bunch of water. Go to yoga. Go to the gym. Put on a Jillian Michaels’ exercise video and yell back at her that you don’t care about your hipbones in skinny jeans. Anything that will help you get through the rest of your week/month/season.

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