And Now She Is Making Macarons From Scratch

My girl spent the weekend with her Memere while the rest of us convalesced, and as usual they knocked my socks off with the creations they made. (Figuratively… if you know me, you know I don’t wear socks. Ever.)

This kid decided that she wanted to try making macarons. So they freaking did it. No lessons, nothing, just the two of them, a recipe and A LOT of patience. I feel lack after my complete lack of interest in crafting, I am glad I was able to provide my mom with a granddaughter that shared the same interests as her. The best part?? These things are ACTUALLY macarons! They have the taste and texture of macarons! They have blueberry purée and frosting in the centre and are flipping to die for!!

She is talented and amazing, and I cannot believe she is my kid.

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