Happy 12th Birthday, Bean

Wow. It has been 12 years. 12 whole years since you first lit up my life. 12 whole years since you came into this world with the biggest eyes that I have ever seen. 12 years of funny, goofy, silly, intuitive, emotive, expressive, glittery, sparkly, sweet, sassy, sarcastic, and brilliant you. 12 years of not wanting hugs or cuddles, unless you want them (usually after you have been put to bed). 12 years of your independent, but kind spirit. 12 years of you giving your pocket change to those in need without even having it suggested. 12 years of being brave, even when you didn’t want to be. 12 years of being my girl. 12 years of putting up with all the random nicknames that I can think of. 12 years of being you.

Happy birthday, Bean. I love you more than that. I love you most. I love you mostest. I. Love. You. Thanks for being my kid.

#hbd #happybirthday #thisis12 #mybabygirl💕 #myfirstborn #mybean #blueeyes #bigeyes #proudmama #mamalovesyou #thanksforbeingmykid #unicornbaby #kalidesautelsreads

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