Spend Your Privilege

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#Repost @mspackyetti ・・・”Otherwise you’re holding on to something you didn’t even earn. •


@rcoke54 said this to me yesterday, and all I could do was say Amen. •


Here’s the thing: you didn’t actually earn your privilege. It was the luck of the draw to be born white, male, cis, straight, able bodied, and able-minded. You didn’t hit a triple: you were born on third base. •


And the privilege you enjoy comes at someone else’s expense in this zero-sum, winners and losers society they set up. •


That privilege you’re hoarding could be put to good use. It could be used to create space, resources, opportunity, amplification, and room for someone else. Not because they need your saving-but because that is what you do with what you didn’t earn: you give it away. •


And yes, you can have an identity that’s oppressed and still have other identities that are privileged. White women still have white privilege. Straight black men still have privilege. Able-bodied LGBTQ folks still have privilege. •


We dare not fight for freedom for our kind, and leave others out. Spend your privilege, whatever kind you have. •


Let’s get free. Love and power to us all. ❤️✊🏾”

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