Goal Digger Podcast – Jen Gotch

It has taken me all day to figure out what to write for this post. Jenna Kutcher’s interview with Jen Gotch spoke to my heart and I knew I needed to post about it, but I didn’t know what exactly to say, so that I could fully express myself. ⠀


Here goes – if you know me, or have followed along with my story for a while then you know that mental health is something about which I am very vocal. I share my personal struggles and I advocate for the awareness and destigmatization of mental illnesses; I can relate to and I can also discuss what mental wellness looks like for me, and for others. Today’s Goal Digger Podcast resonated so hard with me because I could hear myself speaking through Jen Gotch’s words. A lifetime of undiagnosed anxiety? Check. A baseline mood that is kept steady by medication and self care? Check. The underlying concern that when things are on the up that there will inevitably be a down? Check. Looking back and recognizing seasons of mental illness even as a young child? Check. The desire to use my own story to bring people to a safe space where they can feel comfortable sharing their pain and triumphs? Check, check, check.⠀


One of the most significant things that I have taken away from today’s podcast is the fact that mental illness and success do not need to be mutually exclusive. Denying my health to achieve my goals is not a requirement, nor is it a sustainable strategy for long term and satisfaction. I can hustle and rock my work and my dreams, but I can also lay down and say that today is just not a good day. Heck, sometimes it can even happen in the same day!! The point is that speaking your truth, getting your rest and knowing what is best for YOU is how you can and will succeed at whatever your purpose is in life, and Jen Gotch is a perfect model of this. Thank you, Jenna and Jen for this beautiful, affirming interview. I really, really needed this today. ⠀


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