Hegemony or Survival: America’s Quest for Global Dominance – Noam Chomsky (2004)


Hegemony or Survival is a political disquisition on America’s Bush II and pre-Bush era goals for supreme leadership of the world. Chomsky philosophizes a world where hegemony is the ultimate winner between the two, and counter balances the possibilities of a world where we took the survival of our species and our planet seriously, with the intent to provide a habitable world for our grandchildren. Chomsky backs his arguments with decades of facts and research, and balances his argument that in the Bush II era, and I believe it is relevant even now, the world once again has two great Super Powers – the US and the State of Public Opinion. Discussing Truisms and propaganda, the American Commission of Truth (the name alone could not be more Orwellian), the American War Machine, civil wars in South America and Asia, the Israel/Palestine question, and why America allies itself where it does, Chomsky presents the argument that while hegemony has been the American way for more than half a century, it is short sighted. The book argues that for the long term good of our planet, we must stop thinking in terms of economic immediacy and move to long term, global solutions where survival and not the centralization of power is the ultimate goal. Definitely worth the read. (304 pages)

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