Working On My Wishes

It is quiet for the moment, so I took an hour to myself. I set myself a daily goal of 600 words, and am proud when I manage to smash it. I am really hoping to get this draft finished in the next 4 months, but I am only 42% of the way there… 

The thing is that I have always wanted to do this, and yet, I have always convinced myself that I am not good enough, or that other people are better, or that my imagination is not imaginative enough, or at my worst – no one cares what you have to say. The thing is, it doesn’t matter! Of course there are people who are better than me, and who have wilder imaginations or do not care what I have to say. There are always people like that. Shakespeare wrote for the masses and is now considered literature, Fifty Shades of Grey started as fanfic and became a phenomenon. It does NOT matter. What matters is that I want to write. And the only way to fulfill my dream of being a writer is to write. Will this ever become a book with my name printed on the cover? I don’t know. But it most certainly will not if it stays in my head. I won’t win the lottery because I never buy a ticket, and I will never publish a book if the story stays in my mind. 

So 42% is better than 0% and if the first draft is finished in 6 months instead of 4, will it really matter? I don’t think so.

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