Escape From Camp 14: One Man’s Remarkable Odyssey from North Korea to Freedom in the West – Blaine Harden (2012)


Blaine Harden’s New York Times Bestselling biography of Shin Donghyuk is more than a story of escape to freedom, it is also an exposé of the Kim Dynasty in North Korea and the vile treatment citizens under the irrational regime. Shin was born in no-release labour prison to prisoners who were granted a “reward marriage” for good behaviour while in the prison, and was raised to snitch on his family and friends, at 6, he watched a classmate beaten to death in class by their teacher for stealing 4 grains of corn. He was taught only fear, starvation and distrust, and upon escaping to the West, he continued to suffer the torture that was his upbringing, diagnosed with paranoia and PTSD. To say that the story is heartbreaking is a terrible understatement. Readers will feel disgusted, terrified and devastated and hopefully through reading this, people will feel motivated to help end the terror that North Koreans face every day, simply for the sheer fact that they were born there. 205 pages. 

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