Caring Is Cool

Can I just talk for a minute about caring? I have been told my whole life that I care too much, that I need care less, why do I care, etc. The thing is that there is a difference between caring and pleasing. What I do too much is try to please others, what no one can do enough is care. I feel like I need to care because if no one cares, who takes responsibility for things? It’s ok to care about politics, and civil rights, and your family, and your job, and your car, and your garden, and your kids, and animals, and the planet, and how you affect each of these. In fact, it’s not just ok, but it is highly, highly recommended.

So take care, show you care, be caring, be careful. Care about the turtles and the pangolins; care about the ozone layer and the political effects to climate change; care about the old man who lives on the corner, and the homeless woman who rummages through your recycling for cans and bottles. Just care. It’s easy to be a misanthrope, but being a caring person? That’s the hard part, but it’s worth it. Just give it a try.

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