My Michelle

This woman is the best thing about a crazy time in my life – I asked her to rescue me from a meat cooler if I got trapped when I first started working at Save On Foods five years ago, and she looked at me like I was crazy, and suggested that I could just go out the other door… then I found out that she was the owner of a TARDIS lunchbox in the staff fridge. Turns out, Michelle is just exactly my type of weird and thoughtful and funny, and we have been the best of friends ever since. If there is nothing else that I can be thankful for from that job, this is worth all of that!

Yesterday, I took her to her first yoga class, and as always happens when we are together, we had a blast. Whether it is wandering around our local cemetery, taking the kids to play in a water park after dark to roll around in sand, or wearing a colander on our heads to valiantly defend the women’s lingerie at Walmart, there is literally not a thing that we cannot do together.

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