The Light Between Oceans – M.L. Stedman (2012)


 The Light Between Oceans is such a rich, beautiful book that it becomes challenging to do it justice. The pacing of the book, for me, was off, taking a few attempts to get invested in the story, but by Chapter 10 (page 85), I was engulfed. The historical novel flashes through a few time periods, but the majority of the events occur in the years following WWI. Tom Sherbourne is a lighthouse keeper who cannot accept the things he saw and did in the war, and asks to be selected to tend the lighthouse at Janus Rock, a lonely island between the Great Southern Ocean and the Indian Ocean (the titular Light Between Oceans). He desires nothing more than to be left alone to cause no harm, and follow his regulations. Until he falls in love with Isabel. Creating their own private paradise is not as easy as they had hoped, and their decisions begin to have consequences. The book leaves many unanswered questions, which leaves the reader feeling perplexed as to Tom’s choices, but Isabel’s decline to madness is mesmerizing. The novel is 345 pages, and trust me, getting past the slow start is worth it in the end. 

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