Love, Lucy – Lucille Ball (1996)


Most of the world knows Lucille Ball as Lucy Ricardo – spunky, dizzy red headed wife of night club band leader, Ricky Ricardo, who, along with her best friend and neighbour, Ethel Mertz, was constantly getting herself into scrapes. Ball’s autobiography is a revelation to fans and non-fans alike. Unlike her character, Ball was a savvy and shrewd business woman, who broke gender barriers along the way. Indisputably the BEST comic actor who ever graced the screen (I will not be swayed), Ball was the first woman to own her own production company, the first woman to own a studio, she was the first woman to EVER be pregnant on TV (though she couldn’t use the word “pregnant” and Lucy and Ricky inexplicably slept in matching twin beds), she was brought before the House of UnAmerican Activity and was cleared of Communist charges, without ever naming a single name, and she was not a fan of Vivian Vance (Ethel) and had it included in her contract that Vance MUST gain enough weight each season so that Ball appeared more attractive. Chronicling her personal life, her career, the politics of her time, and her volatile relationship with Desi Arnaz, Love, Lucy is a revelatory look into her life. In the days before 24 hour news cycles, celebrities enjoyed a certain mystery that is lost today, and Ball kept much more of her private life private, until now. At 256 pages, it is definitely worth reading. 

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