Scrappy Little Nobody – Anna Kendrick (2016)


Anna Kendrick’s bestselling memoir, Scrappy Little Nobody, creates the feeling that you are chatting with a new friend, and, as she writes, she “mostly talks, and you listen. As most conversations in real life.” She writes about her rise to stardom, including her time as a child actor, she writes of her anxieties and awkwardness, and how she feels she has become LESS confident as she got older, she writes of how she is small, full of energy and loud. Her first encounter with the paparazzi at IKEA, how bizarre fame is, how scary the red carpet really is, and how she has a genuine fear of coming across as an a$$hole. She writes very much as she speaks in her interviews. She shares so much of herself, to the point where the reader may think TMI!! But it is endearing, and her story is relatable, even for those of us who do not professionally make out with Orlando Bloom, or get nominated for Oscars after working with George Clooney. The book is charming and funny, and Kendrick’s fans will come away feeling that they know her better for it. At 271 pages, it is definitely worth picking up. 

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