Harry Potter and the Cursed Child: Parts One and Two – JK Rowling, John Tiffany & Jack Thorne (2016)


When the incomparable Ms. JK Rowling announces that a NEW HARRY POTTER BOOK 📚 would be released on HARRY Potter’s birthday 2016 (July 31… he’s 36, for those not as apt to geek out over the Boy Who Lived), Potterheads the world over let out an excited shriek! I promise, that if you aren’t one, you know one, and you felt the sonic blast. This is a literal script, designed to be performed aloud on a stage, so unless you a well versed at reading plays, the style is rather jarring to the reader. However, as soon the reader let’s go of any preconceived notions about what a new Harry Potter story would look like, it is so magical and fun to float back into such a familiar world, with some of the same characters, and the self same settings. I literally felt myself begin to smile as I began to read the first page… completing all 319 pages in one sitting. Sadly, as we have set Potter stories on such a high pedestal, there were some drawbacks. Why is Albus Severus Potter (Harry Potter Fanboy named his own kid) so miserable, and determined to be the opposite of Harry? Why is Scorpius maltreated at Hogwarts for the sins of the his father? If you have only every read the Harry Potter movies, and are not an avid re-reader, this book fits seamlessly, and you will likely find few qualms. If you are like me and have binged the movies, read and re-read each book at least seven times, then you will find this one a bit wanting. It is a good, easy read for Potterheads, of any proclivity, but is probably best avoided by those unfamiliar with the Harry Potter series. (Please climb out of there… it’s nice out here, outside the cupboard…)#harrypotterandthecursedchild#harrypotter #harrypotterbooks#harrypotterforever #yerawizardharry##JohnTiffany #jackthorne #play #script#read #reading #bookstagram #book#books #potterhead #potterheads#potterheart #2016 #bestsellers#kalidesautelsreads

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