The Yellow Wallpaper & Other Stories – Charlotte Perkins Gilman (1997)


The Yellow Wallpaper & Other Stories by Charlotte Perkins Gilman is a very slim collection (70 pages for 7 stories) of her feminist stories, with the title story being 1892’s The Yellow Wallpaper. Again, I was brought to Gilman’s work through Kate Bolick’s Spinster, as one of her Five Awakeners. Gilman’s stories are witty and sharply satirical. Ironically, the issues she presents in her First Wave Feminist writings, hoping for a future that involved the equality and betterment of the status of women, is just as prescient in 2016, 124 years later. The Yellow Wallpaper is just a useful as a look into mental illness, and chronic and invisible illnesses, as anyone who has ever suffered through the trials of a bed rest will attest. This is an easy and quick read, and hugely funny. Grab it for a quick train ride, it will not take you long to read, but it is definitely worth it.

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