This cutie, though!

It has been one crazy week (month? Year? Life?) over here, with the main floor as empty as a tomb to make room for restoration.

We have wonderful neighbours that helped us clear out and loaned us their garage as a storage venue for our furniture, and we have this great kid who decided to give his poor ol’ mama and dad a hand.

It turns out that this space is his favourite thing in the world right now! He has been using it as a gym, an Oculus/VR stadium, a quiet place, and the home of the World Famous Potato Roll (don’t worry, no actual potatoes were harmed in the making of the Potato Roll).

Who knew the best way to make an 11 year old happy was to strip the living room of all of its furniture???

#restorationproject #emptyspace #packedupwithnowheretogo #dontshoweryourplant #plantmama #restoration #whatamess #happyboy💙 #lovemykid #2021

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