Hi! How have you been?


How have you been?

I hope you are moving through the ongoing pandemic with grace and strength.

I hope you are finding joy in little things.

I hope that you and your loved ones have reached this point as unscathed as possible.

I hope you are safe.

Me? I’m ok. Not great. Not terrible, but ok.

The past few months have not been the best, but compared to what some people have gone through? It’s ok.

Ever since I was first diagnosed with an autoimmune disorder at 13, I have wonderful periods of remission and general good health. Luckily, while my husband was going through cancer treatment, and I lost my job and all the other things that made up 2019 in my life, my body stayed together to the best of its ability.

Then it just stopped. The first weekend of April saw the start of what has now been months of daily migraines, and other symptoms that have led the doctors to explore the likelihood that I have developed another autoimmune disorder.

The good thing is that I am already able to work from home, I have a supportive team of friends, family, and colleagues who have made things as easy as possible; supporting and accommodating me.

But the last few weeks have been hard – I took a social media break to give myself time to focus on one thing at a time, but feeling awful I have managed to flood my home to the extent that I need restoration, I had a minor surgery and diagnostic procedures, I have a kid who is getting ready for high school, a kid who was certified gifted on top of his long-since diagnosed ADHD, I have a cat who has reached the age where he is no longer continent, and a million other little things that when looked at individually seem like no big deal, but taken all at once becomes a burden that I am not managing well.

I am not sharing this as a woe-is-me, because as I said, many people are going through ever so much worse.

I am sharing this to explain my long absence from a blog that I spent years building up and had finally begun to see traction on.

I am sharing this for other people with invisible illnesses who find themselves falling out of remission.

I am sharing this because I miss you.



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