I am virtue signalling right now.

This morning, I am virtue signalling.

Look at me!
I am so healthy!

I am having my favourite Body Love by Kelly LeVeque Almond Green Smoothie!

What is virtue signalling? “The action or practice of publicly expressing opinions or sentiments intended to demonstrate one’s good character or the moral correctness of one’s position on a particular position” – Oxford English Dictionary

This morning, I woke up at a reasonable time and made myself a green smoothie, but this is the first time in weeks that I have done so. I have been eating nearly nothing for weeks, feeling too sick to even attempt to swallow food, and when I did it? I guarantee it was a protein bar, or a protein shake because it was easy and not so hard on my system.

But if you only look through my Instagram, you might be led to believe that all that I eat are healthy snack, smoothies, and coffee. The only thing that is true? The coffee. I mostly drink the coffee.

So when you are scrolling and feel bad that you do not do all the things all the time, just remember that a good portion of the posts that make you feel that way are virtue signalling. We, as creators, want to present ourselves in the best way possible, and a lot of that revolves around demonstrating how we parent/eat/exercise/decorate/activate/organize in the “right” way.

You are enough as you are. I don’t care if you are drinking a smoothie with grass in it, or a Shamrock Shake – you are enough. You do not need to be perfect, you just need to be you.

No virtue signalling required.

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