Happy Birthday, Babe!

Happy birthday to my baby sister! 33 years ago, I was sooooo excited to find out that my wish for a sister had been granted. I remember being in Memere and Grampa’s Rec Room in the basement, standing front of the fireplace and jumping up and down with Ty that you were here! We called you the Bunny Baby because you came on Easter weekend.

I remember when you were little and you would come running to me to brush your hair because mom “pulled too hard”. I remember how you would stamp your little foot when you were frustrated. I remember the summer of all of the screenings of The Black Pearl, where I would hide my eyes until you told me the ghosts were gone. I remember making you do “photo shoots” because you have always been so darn cute and photogenic. I remember escaping the stinky duck on the Seine and filming a “travel documentary” on the side of the river instead. I remember talking to your pregnant belly to tell B to hurry up because I was waiting for him. I remember you coming to the hospital at 1am the night S was born, even though you were a new mom who was in school, to meet her.

In 33 years, we have fought, and chatted, and giggled, and imagined, and planned, like, well like sisters. Over the years, we have taken turns with needing comfort. Now I come to you with questions and anxieties. I admire your wisdom, wit, and perseverance. I love your spirit, and magic, and the wonderfulness that is you. I love that you challenge me to do better when I can, and tell me it’s ok to just be when I need to. I love that you are clever and creative and the way that you can illuminate ideas and make connections and identify knowledge gaps. I love that you still let me proofread your papers, and text to ask about a misplaced comma. I love that even though we are on opposite ends of the country that we have weekly dates and that you spend your time actively maintaining your friendship with my kids.

Most of all, I love you. I love that we send each gifs, and speak in movie quotes, and I love that you are my sister.

Happy birthday, Babe. I hope your second COVID birthday is better than the first one! Enjoy your clotted cream!

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