Happy Day!


It has been 3 months since the sensor on my dryer broke.

3 months of hanging my clothes and towels to dry.

3 months of understanding one tiny modicum of how a huge portion of the world lives without the convenience of electric appliances.

It was fracking annoying. I hated it. I hated crispy towels and 3 days to dry jeans, but that frustration was borne of the privilege to not have to do that every day of my life.

Not having a dryer was frustrating, but it’s nothing like not having food, or access to clean drinking water, or watching my children die because I cannot access health care, or worrying my son will be shot for playing at the playground in a hoodie.

My dryer is fixed, and I am over the moon. But in perspective, not having my dryer was a big ol’ first world problem.

Thank you for coming to my TED talk.

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