That Canning Obsession

A few years ago I was determined to go Zero Waste… and I was doing pretty well… then COVID-19 hit and everything needed to go back to carefully packed, and individually wrapped products.

I still put everything that I can in my beautiful canning jars, and try to reduce waste wherever I can, eliminating as much plastic as is humanly possible, while keeping my friends, family and fellow global citizens safe.

Which means that my kitchen regularly looks like this… LOL!

The best thing about buying items in glass jars?? I get a free reusable jar with every purchase… which then need to be cleaned and stored… and so my kitchen looks like this… again!

#lowwasteliving #canningjars #masonjar #jarsfordays #storagesolutions #cannedheat #jamiroquaihq #yesistilllovethe90s

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