I guess it’s ok

Do you ever have a day where you need to get something of your chest, but you’re not 100% sure what it is that you need to get off your chest?

That’s me today. I have tried starting this post 3 times today and each time I write the first word, then delete it. Then focus on something else and come back and do it all over again.

So this post is about that. It’s about needing a brain break, needing to vent, needing to laugh and/or cry, needing to do all of those things and none of them.

I shut down everything for almost a month. I needed to stop. But now, as is my usual way, I am starting to feel better again, and I feel the need restart everything in my life all at once. Which is a terrible idea, and will just continue this insane cycle, where I do too much and then cannot cope and burn everything down.

I don’t know what I need in this moment, and I guess that’s ok.

How about you? Have you been through a cycle in the recent past, the long past, or whenever? What do you do to cope? What do you do for balance?

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