Proud of my baby brother!!!!

This is my brother, Ty. He is the COO of @maketafi and @insta_daz3d, and tonight he was a featured on presenter at the @ethos.lab, helping to bring to his knowledge of avatars, video gaming, and entertainment to BIPOC kids and families in Vancouver, Canada.

As you might imagine from his appearance, he is quite knowledgeable about avatars. While this is a portrait of my brother, if you saw his avatar, it’s nearly identical. 😉

It was so incredible to get to watch my brother share with a new generation of kids the joy he found in digital art and video games. I am so grateful for this opportunity to watch him and his panel interact and share their knowledge and insights with kids, including the well-spoken young lady who served as Youth Host.

I am so proud of him, and his work to bring inclusion to the digital realm. I was honoured to watch him and his co-presenters, Adam Rudder, and Realije in an accessible space for young people (and their parents, like me…)

Proud big sister over here. Lucky to have such an impressive brother who works hard to use his privilege and platform to bring exclusivity to the online world.

Check out Ethós Lab Vancouver!

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