Madam Vice-President

It’s finally begun.

Madam Vice-President Kamala Harris has taken the oath of office. She has shattered another glass ceiling for BIPOCs and women in the United States, and offered an example to children all over the world. She is showing them that there can be change for the good. There can be beautiful sunny mornings, after years of gloom.

This is not about political parties or political leanings. This is about removing barriers for people everywhere, especially those who are or have been discriminated against.

So this morning, my kids were late to school as I asked them to sit with me and witness an historic moment in North America. I wanted them to witness this as close to in person as they could. I want them to remember this moment, and to continue to build on this legacy. I want them to see hope and potential.

It’s easy to focus on the great void in space and be thrilled that it is vacant, but that is beside the point and divisive. We have watched history be made and now we continue the hard work that has made it possible for an Asian-American, African-American woman to become the Vice-President of one of the most influential global powers. This is another beginning.

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