It’s a monumental night

Tonight is monumental – it is the last night that one of the craziest people on earth has access to nuclear launch codes. It’s the last night that a woman of colour has never served in the 2nd highest office in the United States. It’s the last night that I will go to bed thinking that our neighbour to the south might be starting the next world war. It is a monumental night.

Tonight, I get to lay in my bedroom, surrounded by things that remind me of my favourite people listening to music recommended by one of my favourite people, enjoying the peace, and feeling at peace.

Everything I am wearing, from my necklace to my onesie to my engagement ring to my slippers or that my eyes rest on were given or made or remind me of someone that I love, and who loves me. Flare or no flare, this is a good night.

Music – #evermore by @taylorswift
dory #sign by @mj_ravenpuff
slippers from @monaaxox
weddingportrait with @stagethreestudio
nameart from #Hawaii and #victoria
happyplace sign from my mommy
leathercuff by my talented husband

Sometimes it’s nice to remember that even when I have a challenging day that I am incredibly blessed. I am incredibly blessed, and incredibly loved.

#gratitudeattitude #monumental #goodoldworld #blue #justkeepswimming🐠 #moroccanstyle #lamp #amazon #echodot #applemusic #bwphotooftheday #blackandwhitephotography #loved #evermorealbum #music #blueandwhitedecor #hello2021 #kamalaharris #madamvicepresident

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