She is not just a hashtag

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Here to interrupt your feed, which has probably gone back to normal.

Just a reminder that at this time last year, Breonna Taylor – EMT, COVID-19 frontline hero, and HUMAN murdered in her sleep by cops, of whom only one was charged (for the bullets that DIDN’T hit her) – was putting love, hope and dreams into the universe like we are now. She wanted to build a family, she wanted to get out of debt, she wanted a baby to enjoy the magic of Christmas with.

She will never see any of these dreams come true. Instead, her life was stolen from her, and there is still no justice for her.

Your feed may have returned to normal. You might be seeing sparkling, colourful lights, and happy babies, and festive shopping, just like me. It’s easy to just move on and focus on other things, and by all means, enjoy the holiday season in whatever way that you can.

But at the end of the day, remember – this hasn’t stopped just because the great dumpster fire of 2020 is nearing a close. Breonna Taylor is not here with her wishes for baby looking at the lights through their eyes. Breonna Taylor’s family is missing a huge part of their hearts, and no one is being held accountable.

At this time last year, Breonna Taylor was a person with goals that did not include becoming a hashtag. She, and every single other victim of racially motivated, white supremacist crimes deserves your thoughts and ACTION this year.

She was not just a hashtag. Don’t let that be her legacy in 2021.

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