Consider donating to Canadian Cancer Society

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Almost every single Canadian is part of a club that none of us wish that we had been brought into – we have all been touched by cancer. Some of us have lost a friend or family member, some have lived through tests and chemotherapy and radiation. Some of us have walked beside someone who is going through the scariest time in their lives, making it one of the scariest times in our lives.

This year has been harder than most – this year people living with cancer had to find help during the COVID-19 pandemic. This added to the uncertainty – is it safe to be in a hospital? How can I go into surgery without a loved one at my side? Can I do this with a mask on? Will my weakened immune system make me more exposed to the virus?

Through this time, even the most stable organizations have had to re-examine how they can offer supports, and CCS has had the same challenges. But in the end, through donations and gifts by generous people like you, we were able to continue supporting Canadians living with cancer and their families.

This week marked my first anniversary at CCS. To say that this has been my dream job is a vast understatement. I am continually impressed, grateful, and in awe of the work that we do and the generous spirits of my teammates and those who give. I GET TO write from my heart and truly feel like my work makes a difference.

So, in honour of all of this, and to continue to prove that Life is Bigger Than Cancer, I am asking you to donate to CCS for my 38th birthday. I promise that this is one of the most meaningful gifts that you can give – the gift of hope to a person who feels alone in the dark. The gift of loving support and cutting edge research.


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