Learn to let go

I never thought I was much of an “outdoors” person. I liked being in the house with my books and my CDs.

As I have grown up, I have learned that I need to be outdoors. I need to walk barefoot on the grass. I need to inhale the sent of the trees. I need to feel water lapping around me.

I would say that it turns out that I am an outdoor person, but that’s not necessarily true – I think I became an outdoor person. I learned that the tension in my souls let’s go a little when I am tramping through the woods. I learned that puppies jumping up to say hi makes me smile, where it used to make me tense with fear. I learned to stop looking at every bush as though a villain lurked behind it.

I think I learned to let go. I learned to let go of what scared me, let go of the anxiety that lives in my brain and release it to the sky. I think I learned to share what scares me, and in that I learned and am learning better ways to cope. I think I learned that things can always get worse, so if I can put on my runners, find a path, and breathe in, I can just let it go. Even for just a little while.

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