It’s not perfect

Life isn’t perfect. Especially right now.

COVID numbers are going up in my province.

There was an exposure at my kids’ school that by the time I found out about it, it was too late to quarantine them.

I spent more money in October than I should have, so in November I am feeling the pinch.

I dropped below the 10K followers that I worked so hard to reach and maintain.

My anxiety level is hovering around an 8 all the time, and I am not sure if I can remember what it feels like to not have a knot in my shoulders.


Christmas isn’t stopped by COVID.

Christmas trees don’t need to go undecorated.

Presents don’t need to go unmade.

Christmas cards do not need to go I sent.

Carols do not need to go I played.

We still have Miracle on 34th St, and Love Actually, and Mickey Mouse A Christmas Carol.

We still have cookies to bake.

We still have tidings of good cheer.

We can still donate to the causes that matter to us (can I recommend that you check out for your holiday needs??)

Black lives still matter

Women’s rights are still human rights.

Love is still love.

LGBTQ2SIA+ friends still need our mama bear hugs.

No, it’s not perfect. Especially right now. But it can still be beautiful.

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